Bethany Distinctives

sovereignty of God ... every Christian should share the gospel of Jesus Christ ... primary purpose of man is to bring glory to God ...  Bible is the inspired Word of God ... expositional teaching and preaching ... elder led church ...  desire to see followers of Jesus Christ saturated with the Word of God which will lead to a Spirit-filled life of obedience ( read our distinctives in full )

Five Solas of the Reformation

Sola scriptura "by Scripture alone"

Sola fide "by faith alone"

Sola gratia "by grace alone"

Solus Christus "Christ alone"

Soli Deo gloria "glory to God alone"

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Thank you for visiting the Bethany Bible Church website.  Bethany is a God-centered, Bible believing church that seeks to magnify Jesus Christ in all things.  In these days of spiritual confusion we hold to the Word of God as the sole standard for faith and life.  Feel free to stream or download any of our sermons or materials posted on the site.  We invite you to join us for worship and Bible study if you are ever in the Twin Cities area.  May God's blessings be yours in Christ Jesus!




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Meeting at:

511 Eagle Lake Road
Big Lake, MN 55309


Postal Address:

PO Box 435
Big Lake, MN 55309


Contact Information:

t: 763.263.2167
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Service Times:

Sunday Morning Worship 10:00am
Tuesday Bible Study 7:00pm